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Drumroll, please!

Well, here's my first community -- a great and marvelous event!

Anyway, this is a way for people to get together and share short stories, and offer constructive criticism, and so forth. Yee-haw.

I'll be moderating this, and the basic plan is that once a week I'll post an idea, or a theme, or a phrase, or something, and everybody uses the idea/theme/phrase/whatever to write a short story, which you can then post to this journal. Then we all comment, and throw a party.

It's less complicated than it sounds, really.

To start with, I'll largely be using ideas from the Writing Fiction class here at school (since that way I can write a short story AND get my homework done at once!) After this semester is done, however, we'll likely branch out.

I hope this turns out to be fun for everyone.
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