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my twisted mind....

He felt the dying scream before he heard it. The pain and confusion came pelting through the air fast than sound, faster than light. It hit him with enough force to unbalance him, to muddle his mind and cause him to feel a brief shadow of the agony of the dying. A moment later, recovering himself, he smiled. A job well done. Now he could eat.

She sat on a dark hidden ledge overhanging the gruesome scene. Eyes wild and body frozen in terror and grief she had watched her father torn apart by unseen shadowbeings, leaving him a bloody wreckage. Her dark hair hung in her eyes while her fingernails desperately dug deeper into the dank granite. Her eyes, with pupils extending across most of their surface, could see all too clearly the carnage below despite the caverns darkness, and they could not turn away.

He approached victoriously. His mastery of this so-called evil, these creatures that fed off of blood, or better the darkness tasting it like wine, these simple primitive beings, had brought him endless confidance. As he had come to understand their consiousness, the form behind the nothingness, he had realized the untapped potential there. Unfortuantly the price he had paied was that of submission to this underground world of darkness. So he had adapted to it, and since he could not taste the darkness as did his slaves, he turned his eyes towards the mamalian creatures which dwelt in the upper portions of the extensive network of caverns. his minions could do his hunting. for him there was nothing but the pleasure of the feast.

She had always know that her kind were not the only ones to live in the darkness. To understand it's beauty and feel it's icy warmth and haunting comfort. Yet, she had never understood, she had always strayed....deeper into the earth, farther from the blinding sun, she loathed to venture into the upper worlds even when all her kind wandered up is search of food after the setting of that horrible hanging globe. Even the advent of the moon and stars, gentle enough to wash the earth clean with their welcoming blue light glow, she shied away. She would clamber about on all fours, searching the caverns, delving deeper, despite repeated warnings. And now her father had paied. It was all her fault. He had tried to save her. She knew better than this. Crystiline tears formed in the corners of her eyes and shattered onto the cold stone, and then she saw him.

Long strides, head up, an unmistakable arrogance, a man in every sense of the word. He looked with marginal distaste at the mass of blood skin and bones splattered before him, before enlisting the aid of his shadowbeings in collecting and preparing of the meat. She watched in increasly abject horror as her father went from a revered Fallen One to a meal for a Man. A mear man. Yet he was not being attacked, rather helped by these bottomfeeding creatures of the dank and dark, she felt revusion and anger welling up like she never had, her the one who searched for beauty in the caverns, who smelled the lingering heady aroma of the darkness, she had never realized that the place she so loved could hold such a thing, such malevolence as this man carried with him, her disgust and ferocity began to overcome her fear as she prepared her vengance. He looked up and around halfheartedly, he knew there was anger here, but the creatures he tamed were always angry, always sad, always needy. The extra burst was due, doubtless, to the result of the kill. And yet...she pounced.

Claw like nails dug into his face and back as she scrambled to bring him down, to conquer this man who reeked of wrongness. But she was young, and inexperienced at fighting and he soon seperated himself. Standing before her, blood seeping from a gash across his brow, with her crouched and scuttling, trying to find another opportunity to strike, he summoned his deamons, only to find them shrink from his will. Coufused he called them again, and felt them come, rush to his side...

She reteated in fear, not knowing quite what was transpiring, but seeing the strange beauty in it, the mixture of blood and skin and shredded clothing, blurred by the shadowy beings as they crawled over him and dug into his flesh, tearing him apart. She ran now, there was nothing she could do. Pain coursed through her heart as she realized that the would make her father one of them too, just like the evil man, they had also gotten her father. He was now one of them forever.

and time's up. cheesy ending. blah. comments?
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