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Assignment Number 2

OK, I'd just like to thank everybody who put in something for assignment 1 ... I know it was really WIERD. I DID read them all (them both, I guess), and I'll put comments on them on Monday or so.

I'm going to give my piece a thorough (and I mean THOROUGH) working-over based on the comments I had in class. Then I'll post it to my website, or something.

Anyway, because last week was such a doozy and still has me drained, the assignment for this week is nice and easy.

Write what you LIKE to write. Write what you feel INSPIRED to write. Try to write it before the deadline and then read it out loud to yourself so you can feel any bumps in the language or in continuity that need fixing. (Boy, did my last story have continuity and voice problems. Bleh.)

So yeah, this is your excuse to write out that idea you've had in your head for a bazillion years but never done. Go for it.
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