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03:47pm 07/11/2002
  OK, well, this community is almost dead. I know it just got started. But. Anyway, I guess I won't scrap it until the end of this semester, at least.

Anyway, here's the beginning of a story I'm working on. It's not remotely done yet, but I figured I should have SOMETHING in class just in case I have to read.

The Great MenagerieCollapse )

I should stop being quite so autobiographical in my stories....

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Assignment 5 
10:03pm 19/10/2002
mood: apathetic
Eesh , running out of ideas. Cranking out a short story a week is rough on my psyche.

So, I guess we'll do another rush-write, since that seemed to get attention last week.

Set a timer, write for thirty minutes. Take a break, walk around, then sit down and write for another 30. You can spend the second period of time revising what you wrote in the first period, or adding to it, your choice.

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Autobiographical Assignment (#4) 
02:29pm 17/10/2002
mood: queasy
This one is obviously not entirely Autobiographical, but it sadly comes quite close to it. I have indeed fainted in all the following situations. Such a wuss. My roommate wonders how I'm ever going to give birth.

Adoption is the answer, my friends.

HemophobiaCollapse )

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Assignment 4 
12:57pm 12/10/2002
  Tired of writing yet? ;)

Anyway, thanks to all those who responded to the rush writing... I may do that again in the future, given the better response we had on this one.

Anyway, the assignment for this week is autobiographical in nature.

Take an event from your life that has a definitive beginning and end, and write about it. Feel free to fictionalize as much of it as you need to in order to make it a good story. Change details, change the endings, change the names to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. In fact, I ENCOURAGE you to fictionalize it, play a little bit of the "what if?" game, and make it into a good piece of work.

Happy Writing.

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my twisted mind.... 
04:39pm 10/10/2002
  He felt the dying scream before he heard it. The pain and confusion came pelting through the air fast than sound, faster than light. It hit him with enough force to unbalance him, to muddle his mind and cause him to feel a brief shadow of the agony of the dying. A moment later, recovering himself, he smiled. A job well done. Now he could eat.moreCollapse )

and time's up. cheesy ending. blah. comments?

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Assignment 3 
02:03pm 10/10/2002
mood: overshadowed
I think I'm doomed to suffer endlessly in the shadow of Nell's brilliance. Her robots are so much better than mine.

You know you want to read the story, and comment on itCollapse )

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11:33pm 06/10/2002

The results of exactly 30 minutes of typing. Okay, maybe 30 minutes 10 seconds... ;)Collapse )

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Assignment 3 
05:09pm 06/10/2002
  Sorry this is posted a day late. I'm sure you're all crushed. Crushed crushed crushed.

Well, as I have noticed that many of you are signing up for NaNoWriMo, I thought I'd do a little exercise to be prepared for that. So here it is:

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to RUSH WRITE. Set a timer for half an hour, and just write. Don't stop to think, keep writing. If you REALLY hit a blank and can't think of what to write, than just write "I hit a blank" until the feeling passes.

Then, later in the week, go over what you did and try to craft a more coherent narrative out of it before posting.

This tape will self destruct in 5 .. 4. .. 3. .. 2... 1

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Assignment 2 
03:56pm 03/10/2002
mood: blah
I got this story idea by reading an article in The Washington Post about John school. It's kind of like driving school, but for the men who approached prostitutes instead of getting too many traffic tickets.

There was a quote from the undercover police officer who arrested the johns, talking about how one person came up to her and just wanted a kiss, and how sad that was, that he felt that starved for affection that he would go to a whore.

So I wrote this.

Dear JohnCollapse )

I wish I were creative. Blah.

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Assignment Number 2 
10:18pm 28/09/2002
mood: tired
OK, I'd just like to thank everybody who put in something for assignment 1 ... I know it was really WIERD. I DID read them all (them both, I guess), and I'll put comments on them on Monday or so.

I'm going to give my piece a thorough (and I mean THOROUGH) working-over based on the comments I had in class. Then I'll post it to my website, or something.

Anyway, because last week was such a doozy and still has me drained, the assignment for this week is nice and easy.

Write what you LIKE to write. Write what you feel INSPIRED to write. Try to write it before the deadline and then read it out loud to yourself so you can feel any bumps in the language or in continuity that need fixing. (Boy, did my last story have continuity and voice problems. Bleh.)

So yeah, this is your excuse to write out that idea you've had in your head for a bazillion years but never done. Go for it.

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09:09pm 27/09/2002
mood: good
I couldn't let thecitizen be the only one to post a story this week. I so would go back and take the theme to apply in a fantasy setting, but I write fantasy too often & decided to stick by the rules, choosing melodramatic historical fiction. Bwah.

Story time: potatoes, shamrocks, and severed fingersCollapse )

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03:25pm 26/09/2002
mood: annoyed
Well, the stupid LJ code isn't letting me edit the last entry for some reason. So. The first two paragraphs are supposed to be in italics, and then the story proper begins.

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Assignment 1 
03:12pm 26/09/2002
mood: okay
Crappy crap crap story. That's what it is. It has potential, but it needs a solid reworking from front to back, a good ending, and at least 3 more pages. And some character work.

Guh. Oh well. It's 6 pages and my teacher only asked for a 2 page scene.

Johnny Black’s mother knew he was destined for a strange existence from the day he came into the world, hollering bloody murder at the injustice of being dragged from his mother’s womb. His fingers, wide-spread and shaking with rage, numbered eleven. Elisabeth ignored the doctor’s stare and wouldn’t allow him to remove the extra digit. It was a sign from above, a sign that her son was special, and she knew better than to argue with the Almighty.

She changed her mind, however, when he came home from second grade with a black eye and bloody nose, swearing revenge on those 10-fingered boys. Johnny was hauled off to the doctor, and came home with a new scar on his left hand and the finger in a sealed glass jar. His mother took it away from him, despite his protests, and he never saw it again.

Read the RestCollapse )

If you people give me comments within the next hour and a half or so, I'll be able to edit it before turning it in. I'd still like comments, though, even after that.

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11:26am 24/09/2002
mood: working
Well, now we have 2 icons... riddled made the default, and I found a picture of a typewriter on google, and life is good.

I've got 3 pages done so far of my short story, and I'm not even remotely into the action yet. It's HARD to be concise sometimes. Hopefully things will get moving within the next page, as it IS due for class on Thursday. Yee-haw.

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07:32pm 22/09/2002
mood: busy
Well, I've slapped on something of a wierd color scheme here... I'm not entirely sure yet I like it. It'll probably change in the next few days as I feel like tweaking it, though I should really focus on customizing TheCitizen first.

Anywho. I'm also looking for a default community picture. Let me know if you guys find anything cool, or make one, or whatnot.

Lessee... yes. I've started on the story for the first assignment, and have about a page so far. It looks like this'll be a long one before I'm done, though, so I'll have to work my tail off the next few days. Yee-haw!

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Assignment Numero Uno! 
09:30pm 21/09/2002
mood: artistic
Well, here goes for week one. I'll probably be the only person who posts a short story this week, but I'm going ahead with it anyway.

The assignment is:

Write a story in a genre in which you do not usually write. If you like to write fantasy, write a historical fiction. If you like Science-Fiction, consider a romance. If you can't think of any specific genre that you've EVER written in than just pick an interesting one and go for it.

The story should include, or somehow make reference to:
Russet Potatoes
A Four-Leaf Clover
A Severed Finger

It can be as oblique as you want, but we should be able to pick out where you are referring to each of them.

Have fun!

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Drumroll, please! 
09:17pm 21/09/2002
mood: excited
Well, here's my first community -- a great and marvelous event!

Anyway, this is a way for people to get together and share short stories, and offer constructive criticism, and so forth. Yee-haw.

I'll be moderating this, and the basic plan is that once a week I'll post an idea, or a theme, or a phrase, or something, and everybody uses the idea/theme/phrase/whatever to write a short story, which you can then post to this journal. Then we all comment, and throw a party.

It's less complicated than it sounds, really.

To start with, I'll largely be using ideas from the Writing Fiction class here at school (since that way I can write a short story AND get my homework done at once!) After this semester is done, however, we'll likely branch out.

I hope this turns out to be fun for everyone.

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